Suhas Subramanyam (HD-87) Denounces SCOTUS Decision on Partisan Gerrymandering, Renews Calls for Nonpartisan Redistricting


CONTACT: Tess Bettler, 502-296-1411

Suhas Subramanyam, Democratic nominee for Delegate in the 87th District, has released the following statement following the Supreme Court’s decision on partisan gerrymandering:

“I am disappointed in the Supreme Court’s decision to allow partisan gerrymandering to continue around the country. The General Assembly will continue to be our first line of defense against gerrymandering, and we must elect leaders to the House and Senate who are willing to stand up for equal representation for all citizens.

Loudoun County will be ground zero this November for electing leaders who will put an end to partisan gerrymandering in Virginia. Voters here will have the choice between leaders who draw districts for themselves or leaders who will fight for a representative democracy where every voice matters.I for one choose protecting our democracy and restoring trust in our government institutions.”