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Statement on the actions of Gov. Northam

CONTACT: Tess Bettler

Suhas Subramanyam has issued the following statement regarding the photograph of Gov. Northam:

“I am incredibly disappointed by today’s news out of Richmond. As I’m sure many of you have seen, Governor Northam’s yearbook photograph from medical school depicting him and another individual in black face and KKK garb has been circulating for the past several hours. Now that the governor has admitted that he was indeed in this photo, he must resign. Immediately.

Governor Northam was clearly involved in a reprehensible act of racism and bigotry that should wholeheartedly be condemned. While people make mistakes and should be forgiven, I believe that this situation goes beyond run-of-the-mill apologies. I no longer believe that Gov. Northam has the moral standing to serve Virginia, and I call on him to resign immediately. Let Virginia heal under new leadership.

As we continue to process and move forward, let us remember to hold each other to these same standards. We must reject hate in all its forms.”

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Delegate John Bell and Community Leaders Endorse Suhas Subramanyam for Delegate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 13, 2018

Delegate John Bell, who is leaving his 87th District seat and running for State Senate in the 13th District, has endorsed Sterling small business owner and volunteer firefighter Suhas Subramanyam’s candidacy to replace him in the 87th District. Also joining Delegate Bell in his endorsement is Leesburg Mayor Kelly Burk and Ashburn Democrat Monte Johnson.

John Bell said: "I am thrilled to announce my endorsement of Suhas Subramanyam for the 87th House District," said Delegate Bell. "It has been an honor and privilege to serve this community, and I am confident that Suhas is the best candidate for the 87th District."

"It is clear to me that Suhas has the courage, work ethic, and compassion needed to be an outstanding advocate for families in Loudoun and Prince William Counties. In a bitterly divisive political environment, Suhas will be a strong advocate for the safety, security, and prosperity of our community. He has already demonstrated his dedication to the people of the 87th through his extensive community service endeavors and his work as a volunteer firefighter.”

“Suhas has also shown an ability to get results in government. Whether it was fighting for affordable health care, veterans, and immigrant children on Capitol Hill, or making government services more efficient and effective as a technology policy advisor to President Obama, Suhas has worked on many of the toughest issues we have faced in our country and gotten results. We need people like Suhas in the General Assembly, and I strongly endorse his candidacy.”

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