Support the Renewables First Act: Clean Energy Legislation For the People, By the People

Blue Virginia - 2018-12-13

By Zero Carbon Virginia: Harrison Crecraft, Leslie Emery, Scott Emery, Nathan Soules, Suhas Subramanyam, Sarah Svoboda, Karel Svoboda

Not long ago, a group of us came together in a living room in Loudoun County to discuss our concerns about climate change and what we could possibly do to make a difference.

At the time, Dominion Energy had announced its intention to construct eight new power plants throughout the Commonwealth, which would lock Virginians into more than 35 years of paying for fossil-fueled utilities. Meanwhile, given recent reports that we might not have 20 years to correct course, we knew we needed to focus on the future and work towards building environmental policy that created security for our fellow citizens and our climate.

We decided to form Zero Carbon Virginia, an organization of concerned citizens devoted to bringing Virginia’s energy industry into the 21st century. We moved forward by learning the legislative process, gathering input from all stakeholders, and joining forces with Del. David Reid (D-Ashburn) and Del. Jennifer Boysko (D-Fairfax).

The result of this collaboration is The Renewables First Act (HB 1686). The bill places a moratorium on all new fossil fuel capacity construction until renewable energy generation facilities with a capacity of at least 5,500 megawatts are in operation. This threshold is considered “in the public interest” by the Grid Transformation and Security Act and is also well within our reach in the near future.

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Indian American Entrepreneur, Volunteer Firefighter Runs for Seat in Virginia House of Delegates

Sunita Sohrabji, India-West - 2018-09-07

An Indian American entrepreneur who served in the White House during the Obama administration announced his candidacy Aug. 28 for the 87th District seat in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Democrat Suhas Subramanyam headed up the Technology Policy Task Force in the Obama Administration, and has since founded a technology-focused consultancy, S2 Impact. The candidate also served as a law clerk for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, and helped Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, and his staff to reintroduce the DREAM Act, which protects undocumented youth from deportation.

Subramanyam is running for the seat vacated by John Bell, a fellow Democrat, who announced a day earlier that he would run for the state Senate, challenging incumbent Sen. Dick Black who is characterized by local media as “far right.”

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Subramanyam to Run to Replace Del. Bell

Renss Greene, LoudounNow - 2018-08-28

Attorney and small business owner Suhas Subramanyam has announced he will run to fill the seat to be vacated as Del. John J. Bell (D-87) runs for state senate.

Subramanyam was a White House technology advisor during the Obama administration. Today, he is the founder and CEO of consulting firm S2 Impact LLC, based at his home in Ashburn. He advises companies and nonprofits on technology, government regulations, and economic empowerment.

“I have learned from my work in the community that the best policymaking comes from understanding the issues on a personal level,” Subramanyam stated. “Drawing from my service, I plan to continue Delegate John Bell’s work of fighting for affordable healthcare, making our region attractive to businesses, and making sure all Virginians are treated equally under the law.”

In addition to work in the legal field, he has formerly served as a Senate Judiciary Committee law clerk under Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin (D) and as a legislative assistant to Florida Rep. Suzanne Kosmas (D).

He is also a member of the Rotary Club of Ashburn, the Loudoun Health Council, and serves as a volunteer firefighter with the Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department. He is the son of Indian-American immigrants.

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